Bonus Terms

Bonus & Promotional Terms

Promotional terms and conditions with regards to when the promotion is available, wagering requirements, bet limits, and any additional information is available in the casino cashier. Click on the promotion name in order to view the terms relating to wagering and games. The terms displayed within the cashier supplement the terms as outlined on this web page. All promotions have their terms displayed prior to the player accepting the promotion.

Promotions are restricted to one per account, per person, email, physical address, and or computer.

Please note, in order to receive any promotion you must claim in the cashier BEFORE making a deposit.


Players from restricted countries will be informed of their respective wagering requirements or promotional eligibility in the cashier by clicking on the promotion name.

Players from China, Ukraine, Latvia, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands may not be allowed to claim bonuses due to high levels of promotional abuse coming from players in these countries.

All promotions offered by the casino are only valid for the period specified in the promotional offer itself which is posted on the casino website and/or any other communication provided by the casino itself.

All times noted in promotion terms are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Promotions are only valid at thisisvegas and may not be transferred to any other casino.

Wagering for a promotion is tracked only after the promotion has been added to the players account.

Promotions offered to specific account holders may not be transferred to any other account holder and must be redeemed within the allotted time.

If the account holder's personal information does not coincide with the information provided to make deposits, the casino reserves to right to invalidate the offer and/or suspend/terminate the account itself.

Promotions offered to members of the casino may not be redeemed for cash immediately following the promotion itself being advanced to the account holder.

Zero risk wagering (ie. betting on both odd and even in roulette) is strictly prohibited while playing with an active promotion. Players who make zero risk bets on any game with an active promotion may have their bonus balance removed, any wins voided and any cash-outs removed.

No withdrawal (hereinafter 'cash-in') will be honored until a deposit of at least $50 (€, £, Rx10) has been made in order to verify account holder's personal information.

The casino reserves the right to audit any member's account including withdrawals and deposits made by that member.

The player must request the promotion prior to depositing. Should the player forget, the player may contact customer service however there is no guarantee that the promotion will be added (see next paragraph).

The casino reserves the right to deny promotions to any player without disclosing why the player has been denied. It is solely the player's responsibility to determine promotion eligibility prior to depositing. The casino facilitates this by requiring promotions be claimed prior to deposit. Promotion eligibility will be disclosed prior to any funds being transferred to the casino, either by the promotion list, claiming the promotion, or attempting to activate the promotion by depositing. Failure to verify promotional eligibility prior to funds transfer does not release the player from the terms of this agreement. Any transfer of funds to the casino acknowledges that the player is aware of their promotional status. Should a player be disqualified from promotions, regardless of any claim of ignorance, and deposit they agree to the following term - no withdrawals shall be made until any deposited funds have been played through at least one (1) time. All cash-ins are audited, and will be denied if this term is in force.

Bonus money is always non cashable on deposit match promotions unless otherwise stated

Only promotions explicitly labeled "reversal bonus" or "reversal promotion" can be used on reversed withdrawals. Any funds won from a reversal using a standard bonus that does not explicitly state that it is intended for reversals, may be subject to removal.

Promotions are offered to players as a way to reward loyalty and provide more play time for each deposit. This is a business however and If it is determined that a player is taking advantage of promotions to gain a calculated edge over the casino the ability to claim promotions will be removed and any promotional money, cash out or balance gained while using a promotion may also be removed leaving only the players original deposit in the account.

The player may request a review of their account for promotion eligibility should they be denied promotions, but the casino's decision will be final. Promotional eligibility is constantly monitored and may change over time. Promotional eligibility will not be changed retroactively to deny cashins, unless the casino has determined that the player has attempted to defraud the casino by methods including but not limited to:
- opening multiple accounts with personal information that is not wholly accurate and or their own
- providing false or misleading information to the casino upon registration or subsequent updates to personal data
- using another person's deposit or cash-in payment information

The casino reserves the right to deny any and all withdrawals, including deposits made, from accounts determined to be fraudulent.

The casino reserves the right to request identity verification documents and or purchase agreement forms prior to processing any cash-in. The player will be notified by email as to which documents are required, with instructions for said documents therein.

The casino reserves, in rare circumstances and at its discretion, to modify posted cash-in processing times in order to clear an account for possible fraudulent activity.

The minimum withdrawal amount for all account holders at the casino is $50 (€, £, Rx10).

A player is permitted to withdraw a maximum of $2,000 USD of their winnings per month unless otherwise agreed upon with your VIP manager.

All promotions have a standard max cashout of $2,000 unless otherwise stated within the bonus terms. If no max cashout is provided in the specific promotion terms, it is assumed that the max cashout on that promotion is $2,000 unless otherwise agreed upon by your VIP manager."

The casino reserves the right to withhold depositing or withdraw any credits or bonuses at our discretion.

The casino reserves the right to withdraw or amend any offer or promotion at any given time or without prior notice.

The Casino reserves the right to annul privileges to promotions and/or in rare cases suspend a player's account and refund any deposits if upon review of transaction records it is concluded that the player is applying strategies considered to be abusive in nature. This includes playing excluded or banned games before wagering out almost exactly the minimum required on allowed games.

This offer is not applicable for employees, partners, suppliers or any other party with a business and/or professional relation to The400Group N.V.

This offer is provided by This Is Vegas Online Casino.

No Deposit Bonus Rules

General terms and conditions apply to all no deposit, free money bonuses

Withdrawals of funds earned from Free Chips or any other No-Deposit type of promotion can be reversed and placed back into a players account at their request but the maximum withdrawal amount on these funds is $100.

The maximum redemption amount that players can obtain due to winnings made from a no deposit free money offer is $100.00 USD. If the no deposit bonus is higher than $100 USD, the maximum a player can win from this promotion is the value of the bonus unless otherwise stated in the terms of the bonus. If no maximum redemption amount is stated in the terms, it is assumed that the maximum redemption amount is the original value of the free money/no deposit offer. Any funds left from free winnings will be immediately removed from the player account after processing the payout. Any person who goes above these limits will have the funds removed from his/her account.

All free chips must be followed with a deposit before another free chip can be claimed. Claiming consecutive free chips is not allowed and can result in removal of winnings.

Any play resulting from a No Deposit bonus is void from accumulating Comp Points. Comp point accumulation is only valid for deposit play.

Players wishing to make a withdrawal from a no deposit bonus must first provide a copy of a utility bill matching the address registered on your casino account no older than 3 months old, as well as a government issued photo identification.

It is the players responsibility to confirm all bonus rules in the casino cashier prior to claiming any No Deposit free money bonus.

This Is Vegas Casino is aware that some free bonus links may be posted on other sites or online forums and that information that the potential player received has been sent to others who didn't receive it. If This Is Vegas has enough grounds to prove that a player did NOT receive that particular promotion through the exclusive means that this promotion was sent out, we will not honor any payout requests from the player, even if he/she has met wagering criteria.

Refer-A-Friend Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions apply to the refer-a-friend program and all other programs offered by This Is Vegas Casino.

By submitting all required information into the refer-a-friend program, both you and the referred party (person being referred) consent to all terms of this program and the referred party has consented to their data being supplied by you the referring party.

By submitting this information, the referred party consents to having an email sent to him/her by This Is Vegas Casino requesting him/her to sign up for a real player account.

By submitting information into the refer-a-friend program, the referred party is fully aware that the referring party has submitted their details in good faith.

Persons utilizing the same computer (registering from the same IP address) will not be permitted to partake in the refer-a-friend bonus for security purposes.

Referred players must not be existing members of This Is Vegas Casino.

The email address provided by the referring party must not be associated with any current player of This Is Vegas Casino nor shall it be the same email as the referring member.

The referring member will be required to fill out specific information about his/her referred friend; this information includes, but is not limited to their given name, surname and email address. After all required information has been provided, submitted and then verified by This Is Vegas Casino, then and only then shall the bonus be supplied to both the referring and referred members.

In order to qualify for the refer-a-friend bonus, the referred party must first sign up for a real money account and deposit a minimum of $50 into that account.

Both the referring friend and the referred friend will receive their bonus only after the referred friend has deposited $50 into their real player account and must allow for 48 hours before receiving the bonus in their real player accounts.

This Is Vegas Casino reserves the right to withhold depositing or withdraw any credits or bonuses at our discretion.

This Is Vegas Casino reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of this program at any given time or without prior notice.

This offer is not applicable for employees, partners, suppliers or any other party with a business and/or professional relation to This Is Vegas Casino.

This offer is provided by This Is Vegas Casino.